Storm: Ending February and Beginning March

winter in full swing

Winter storm Feb 21, 2014

Ending  February 2014 and Beginning March 2014

You can see by the picture the snow is moving to the 3rd pane in the window. Winter has been challenging as life can be challenging. Have you ever wanted something so badly you couldn’t get it off your mind? Here in Minnesota we have wanted winter to be over. We have been reminded about every other day with new, fresh, white, beautiful snow falling that we are not in control.  We no more than get the drive way cleaned out and the street crews get things passable and the highway department gets the highways manageable and we get more new, fresh, white, beautiful snow.  The month of February has ended now and it is time for Mr. Winter to decide that spring is on the way. We in the midwest want winter to end.  We pray for people everywhere that have had to endure a really tough winter.

We have had many beautiful days that it looks like God has sprinkled glitter all over the ground and it makes you wonder how can anything be so beautiful make life so miserable? If you are one who enjoys outdoor play, this has been the winter for you. If you count of snow removal for a living, you have done well. The evergreens heavy with snow are an awesome sight to behold. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy these wonderful frosty days as many parts of the country do not have such a beautiful wintery view.

March, what will you bring? Calendar day, (the last Friday of the month,) predicted that it will be snowy, cold temperatures, more snow and a bit cloudy. Sort of a carbon copy of February. The farmers almanac does agree with that prediction. We do have to realize that we are not in control of any of these factors. We will just have to trust that spring will come with a slow thaw so we will not flood. We pray that the farmers, this year, will be able to plant a crop and that a bountiful harvest will prevail.

This is how we need to plan our lives. We need to trust that our heavenly father will provide for us all the things that we need to sustain ourselves.  We cannot change the weather pattern. We can change how we accept the things that happen to us in daily living.  As we move into our Lenten Season, let us look forward with trust that all will work for good.




We are now in a transition time of our calendar year. The time of year that falls between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The same time every year and yet it is a“Time” when we all become crazy busy and yet find time to have an amazing wonderful time with family and friends.

 Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had a delightful day with our

Nolan and I at a book signing

entire family. Our daughter and her family entertained us just perfect. The weather was amazingly nice and our entire family of “16” was enjoying their time together. I am so Thankful for my husband, Nolan, and what he does to make my day better.  Today he will continue to make our home festive for Christmas. We will dine with friends this evening. A perfect day planned. 

As the day transitions from darkness to light, a lot of people are likely finishing or beginning their Christmas shopping in the frenzy of “Black Friday”. Last evening we enjoyed a few left over dinner treats for our supper, a wonderful Hallmark Christmas movie and then I spent a few hours at the sewing machine. (That activity usually starts and/or ends my day.)  The day couldn’t have been better. It is still dark out and I am enjoying a cup of coffee and writing this Blog.


The next transition is writing this Blog.  I would have never believed that I would be writing a Blog every week. That all changed when my book “All the Steps I Have Taken” became a part of my life on August 7, 2012. The content of the book is my life but learning all that I have learned over the last year was not. I could manage some tasks on the computer by managing my career as a dental assistant.  I was able to balance my check book, and I could type things for church but that was it. I keep in touch with family and friends on FB.  I am finding a lot of polio survivors on Twitter and I get to tell a little piece about me each week.


Transitions are life changing. At this time of day my father is being cared for by our daughter and my sister. The care shifts change daily as our family meets each of their daily obligations, but always loved ones are with the person we love. I will be picking up his Great-grandchildren later this morning and going to see “Grandpa”. What will tomorrow bring?  That transition is still in God’s hands. We don’t know what each tomorrow will bring. “God, only in your love can I learn the balance of choosing wisely by investing myself fully.”