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Linda Christianson grew up on the family farm in the Midwest. Her life has been made challenging by her contraction of polio as an infant. She has learned how to live with her disease and to carve out a productive life. She completes tasks with patience and lives each day to the fullest. Linda currently lives in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota with her husband, Nolan. They have three children and eight grandchildren.


5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Linda. I’m enjoying your writing. My mother-in-law contracted Polio as a little girl in Korea, and has quite a life with the bad leg of hers that’s of course affected the rest of her body and life. I have never met anyone like her with such a heart of gold. The most generous, patient person I’ve known – and very productive. I am so happy to see the role words have played in your life. I appreciate the meaningfulness of the puzzle metaphor, esp in regard to your dad. I would be honored if you would take a look at these posts. They come to mind in light of your story. I am sure you will relate:



    Blessings, blessings, blessings.


    • Thanks for your comment. My life has been so good. I am married for 44 years, I have three children and 8 grandchildren. I find that my days are getting longer as it takes me longer to do anything. I am very tired at the end of the day. I need to let things go and not be so busy but my entire life has been to puss to be normal and now when I need to slow down I find it almost impossible to do that. I just can’t let things go undone. It is to my own fault that it is this way. Since 6 months old I have been affected with polio and now at 65 there is no other way to navigate my life. Thanks for your comments. I would enjoy hearing more from you. I published a book last August, 2012, “All the Steps I Have Taken” It tells all about my life with polio.

      • Yes, I hit all your pages and saw the description of your book. I appreciate your sharing this picture of how your day (and life) have been like. My M-i-L never had children. She needed surgery on her good knee recently, the one that’s borne the brunt of the limp all her life. My friend put up a quote on Tumblr: What you take for granted, someone else is praying for. Did you get to the links I shared with you? I’d be interested to see how you process them. The fortitude you have had to draw upon all your life takes my breath away.

      • The patience I have had to have is what keeps me going. I enjoy bike riding and I recently (2 weeks ago) had a tumble and I am just now getting back to being able to walk without the aide of my crutches. I always have to use them when I take my brace off at the end of the day due to the weakness in my left knee. I fell hard on my left hip and so thankful that I didn’t fracture it. Now I ponder if this is a warning from God to not ride my bike anymore or it just another test in my patience. Not sure. I hope by the end of this week I will be back to what I consider Normal. I did read your links. Very good. I am just beginning to write and it is not the best project for me but I do enjoy sharing my stories.

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