Why Me?

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God had a plan for my life from day one, it may not have been what I wanted it to be, but it was his plan and I was going to except it. God uses my life as an inspiration to all I encounter. With my attitude of, “I can do all things through him that strengths me”, I am showing my faith in God. Of course I didn’t realize that I was an inspiration to anyone until I was working in my last dental office. One of my doctors said to me “Do you realize that you are an inspiration to all you are working with?”  I never thought of myself as inspiration to anyone.

I was born to young parents who were able to give me all the opportunities I needed to be an inspiration to anyone I would encounter. My parents were so strong and had great courage in those early years when I was sick.  I’m not sure how they did it; leaving a small child at a hospital away from family, I’m sure it was harder for them than it was for me.

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I learned to handle the limitations that made it harder for me to navigate through my day.   From the beginning of my day when I put on my left leg brace, to the end of the day when I place it in the closet, I have to realize that it will be a fabulous day in spite of wearing that brace.  It’s heavy and I carry it around all day but, without it I could not do all that I am accomplishing.

I was blessed with a family of my own and was able to encourage them to be all that they could be. My children are all respectable community minded young people with families of their own.  I pray they will all make a difference in the lives of those they will meet.

Polio, All the steps, survivor, limitations, inspiring

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Patience has become a very important attribute in making my day a success.  Without patience my day would not be as enjoyable as it is with all the activity that I manage to partake in.  I am so blessed to be able to do all the things I enjoy and love and can’t wait for the next day to start so I can do it all over again.